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I´m Michelle and I am traveling in Latin America. I have always wanted to travel here and I finally left my home in Boston, MA in July 2013. I have been traveling since then, working here and there and continuously realizing that the world is filled with opportunities for exploration. I hope to travel for a long time but I always find a cozy place to stay for some time. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I am more than happy to take you up on them. Live long, travel far, love often.

Friday, March 21, 2014

San Gil, COLOMBIA: Maybe I will learn how to be a raft guide?!?!?

I arrived in San Gil over a week ago and I can´t seem to leave.  I somehow managed to start volunteer teaching English in a local school and help out with the staff at the hostel I am staying in for a free room. Luckily, there is a fabulous market where I can get loads of fruits and veggies for under a dollar. I have been going vegetarian as of late, much cheaper and still tasty! San Gil is known as the adventure capitol of Colombia. SO far I have been rafting, down hill mountain biking, paragliding and have done lots of walking. I feel right at home here, and I can see why many people never leave. 

Our guide and fellow UVMer showing us the basics of the mountain bike.

The gang getting ready to ride. 

Me realizing that I might in fact lose it on this ride....the bikes go pretty fast down hill. 

Looking a little more composed, and always coming in last.

What's up, muscles?

The little ginger mermaid. 

Barricharra! A cute little colonial town outside of San Gil famous for its big bottomed ants-ormigas culonas-and it's quaintness.
El Camino Real-Barricharra to Guane.

My favorite shot, I kinda look like I know what I am doing. 

This truck was pretty much behind me the whole time, Nice guy from CO was driving it. He taught me to never give up! haha

New friends getting ready to look at some bees.
Hernan showing us thousands of African bees he uses to make honey.
Being absolutely cautious.
Believe me, they were quite busy!
Hernan and his finca, gracias y suerte con las abejas!

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