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I´m Michelle and I am traveling in Latin America. I have always wanted to travel here and I finally left my home in Boston, MA in July 2013. I have been traveling since then, working here and there and continuously realizing that the world is filled with opportunities for exploration. I hope to travel for a long time but I always find a cozy place to stay for some time. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I am more than happy to take you up on them. Live long, travel far, love often.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Medellín - Guatapé, COLOMBIA: I have returned!

After visiting my new born baby niece, seeing my family and friends, and recovering from a weird rash, as well as my seriously bruised tailbone and those severe mosquito bites I have returned to Sur America. I will call this Sur America part II. I flew into Medellín, Colombia. I stayed in a cute hostel and reunited with my fellow travelers. Through workaday.info I connected with a few people who needed some assistance either at their hostel or on a farm. I am here in Guatapé, Colombia for a few weeks helping out at a hostel that just opened here in the town in January. My Spanish is improving here in the small town because few people speak English. I will continue on in a week or soo to a new location. Still searching for an English teaching job. Always practicing my Spanish.
Medellín, Colombia

The Metro 

Chicos preparing the parachute

Me, paragliding...nice double chin action.

Birds eye view of Medellín. It was cloudy but I could see how the city sprawled out.

My dangling pies (pee-ehs: feet)

People enjoying the paragliders.

El metrocable.
Viiew from metrocable.

How Spring like and comfy.
 After a short weekend in Medellín I took a two hour bus to Guatapé. The city was lively and very nice. I took a boat ride of the lake Embalse Peñol-Guatapé.
These fun ladies were bailando la salsa. 

My new amigo, him and his friends were very nice and made sure that I wasn't sitting on the party boat like a lonely gringa.

The next day I took a bike ride. 

Got some beautiful views of El Embalse.

La Piedra. 

Zorro, the town dog who everyone knows and loves took us on an adventure.

La Piedra, yet to hike it but will. 

Some of the houses in Guatapé. It's like the Cape for Paisanos or peeps from Medellín. 

El tipico,  o Bandeja Paisa is a typical dish here in the state of Antioquia. Heart attack on a plate but I couldn't have been more happy eating it after an adventurous hike. 
shamelessly asked nice woman to take photo of me eating an oblea. Soo good!
View from la piedra.
Steps to the top!
Waterfall in guatape!
There are about 600 steps to the top and I huffed and puffed at every step.
The cathedral, lit up at night with a full moon was quite beautiul.


  1. So happy you are back in Sur America, Michelle! Now I can follow your adventures again. Love you!!! Paragliding?! You loco!!!!