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I´m Michelle and I am traveling in Latin America. I have always wanted to travel here and I finally left my home in Boston, MA in July 2013. I have been traveling since then, working here and there and continuously realizing that the world is filled with opportunities for exploration. I hope to travel for a long time but I always find a cozy place to stay for some time. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I am more than happy to take you up on them. Live long, travel far, love often.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Santiago de CHILE: My home for now

I have been living in the capital of Chile for about two months now. I took a little TEFL course. Now, I am working. Slowly but surely I am picking up classes here and there during the week. I am also getting to know this bacán (cool)  city. During the weekends though I can't help myself but take off to other regions around the smoggy, hot city. Santiago offer a lot, both inside and outside of the city. The metro system is my favorite mode of transportation.
Lastarria, one of the prettiest streets in the city.

My view from where I first lived in Ñuñoa.

Jammin' in Plaza Ñuñoa.

My first work party! Terremotos(-:

Escuela Militar

Yup, we belong here.

The city, The Costanera Center on the right. 

This is me haggling.

Salsa night!

My TEFL class!


Salsa night!

I buy kilos of ham, which tastes like bacon. 1kilo=2.2lbs

Laura making a couple dozen galletas, yum!

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