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I´m Michelle and I am traveling in Latin America. I have always wanted to travel here and I finally left my home in Boston, MA in July 2013. I have been traveling since then, working here and there and continuously realizing that the world is filled with opportunities for exploration. I hope to travel for a long time but I always find a cozy place to stay for some time. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I am more than happy to take you up on them. Live long, travel far, love often.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lago Izabal, Río Dulce, Livingston: GUATEMALA

Arrived to another beautiful lake and of course more heat. We stayed in a hostel accesible only by lancha(boat). We were a little secluded from society but it was beautiful, filled with amenitites and swampy... In a good way. We visited Livingston, a local Garifuna town, Ate some seafood and saw many gringo yachties who come to find a safe harbor from the rough seas. Unfortunately none of them invited us to pop some bubbly with them aboard their yachts. Where's the love??
Man making hay from leaves o a tree.
A fortress to bade of the pirates of the Carribbean.
Birds in a tree in middle of lake.
Lily pads.
Homes located on the lake, river, swamp are only accesible by lancha.
Livingston, the people here were brought by a slave ship, when that ship crashed the people escaped to places and built their own communities.
Garifuna walking down the street.
Their music is called punta, and its all about the rythym of the drums.
This was the hostel, located in a swamp.
More homes along lake/ river.
As we took a lancha back to catch a bus out we saw this bridge, which makes accessing this region overland possible.

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