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I´m Michelle and I am traveling in Latin America. I have always wanted to travel here and I finally left my home in Boston, MA in July 2013. I have been traveling since then, working here and there and continuously realizing that the world is filled with opportunities for exploration. I hope to travel for a long time but I always find a cozy place to stay for some time. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions I am more than happy to take you up on them. Live long, travel far, love often.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nasca, PERU: The lines have been drawn.

Us ladies decided to head to Nasca, to see the infamous Nasca Lines. We headed out on a little jet plane and flew over the dessert that in which the lines lie. It is believed that the lines were created around 400-500 A.D. by the Nasca culture, and were only discovered almost 80 years ago with the invention of planes.
Maria Reiche, German Archeologist, working hard to determine the significance of the lines.

Outside of Reiche's home.

View from Reiche's home, where she would most likely sit and ponder the true meaning of the lines.

"Hey, I have an idea, just toss the bricks up to me." (En español, pos supuesto)

The frog with 9 toes/fingers to represent the 9 months of pregnancy.

Look closely, you can see Maria in the figure. It is a replica of the humming bird.

Maria, getting her Pisco on, with our friend Luis.

That was our plane.

We are inside the plane.

Fellow riders, from Spain, and our captain and co-pilot.

The astronaut.

Mira a la vista!

The humming bird. (Same shape as previous picture of humming bird)


More lines. There are many theories about the lines. Maybe they were a map of the sky above at night, maybe it was a map of where the water would come from. Whatever it is, it is still not 100% known. They are clearly something to look at and wonder about.

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